What is land management?

It’s the process of managing the use of land and developing the resources of the land. It’s discovering all the features of the land – forest maturity, soil type, wetland areas, wildlife variations – and putting a plan in action to maintain or develop those areas for the future.

Neeley Forestry Services helps answer the question “How can I get the most from the land that I own?” For some landowners, that may be through a hunting lease. For others, it might be select cutting trees. And others might need recommendations for the best species for planting and reforestation.

We are often asked "Do you buy timber?" We don't, but we do oversee the process. We give you all the facts so you can decide the best future use of your property. We take bids, recommend trees to be cut, and help get your timber sold for the best price.

Land Management Services

Whether assessing the value of your timber, designing a harvest to meet your goals, or mapping the key features of your property, our knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy foresters are at your service. Every property is unique -- let us tailor an approach to management that works best for you!

  • Forest planning
  • Timber inventory/cruising
  • Mapping
  • Harvest design and tree marking
  • Financial projections

About Neeley Forestry

Neeley Forestry provides a full range of planning and land management services. We are able to manage all aspects of the forest management cycle and we work closely with our clients to develop an individually tailored approach to managing their forest throughout Arkansas and Louisiana.