Timberland is a "growing" investment that requires strategic forest planning to accomplish Landowner goals and objectives. Neeley Forestry has a staff of 6 registered foresters and 3 forest technicians with well over 200 years of combined experience that can serve to help our clients develop the best forest management for current and future plans.

Neeley Forestry Services helps answer the question, "How can I get the most from the land I own?" For some landowners, that may be through a hunting lease. For others, it might be select cutting trees, and others might need recommendations for the best species for planting and reforestation.

We are often asked, "Do you buy timber?" We don't buy timber, but we oversee the process. We give you all the facts so you can decide the best future use of your property. We take bids, recommend trees to be cut, and help get your timber sold for the best price.

Whether assessing the value of your timber, desiging a harvest to meet your goals, or mapping the key features of your property, our knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy foresters are at your service. Every property is unique — let us tailor an approach to management that works best for you!

Other Services:

  • Forest management plans
  • GIS and GPS Mapping
  • Timber sale administration (preparation, marketing, and supervision)
  • Timber inventories using T-Cruise and Real-Time Inventory
  • Administrate Silvicultural Practices: tree planing, prescribed burning, fertilization, mechanical and chemical site-prep, woody release and herbaceour weed control
  • Boundary line establishment and maintenance
  • Drone Services (sUAV/Remote pilot)
  • Financial analysis of forest for maximum yield management plans
  • Growth and yield modeling for sivicultural divisions, such as: proper site-prep method, fertilization, proper tree genetics, thinning timing, tree spacing, and final harvest timing for maximum rate of return